Planned events

  • 22-24 of August, 2019: Sri Lanka Surgical Congress, Galle, Sri Lanka
    Representatives from the EVTM Society will speak about endovascular resuscitation and trauma management at the Sri Lankan Surgical Congress in Galle. Program
  • 24-27 of September, 2019: 33rd ESVS annual meeting, Hamburg, Germany
    A rich scientific programme including sessions discussing EVTM and REBOA
  • 10-13 of October, 2019: EVTM session during Endovascology, Shanghai, China
    For the 2nd year in a row, EVTM will be presented at the largest endovascular congress in China
  • 17-18 of October, 2019: EVTM session at the National Emergency Radiology Conference, Montesilvano, Italy
    SIRM Emergency Radiology meets EVTM – How EVTM, REBOA, DCIR and PRESTO fits into Emergency Radiology
  • 17-18 of November, 2019: Pan American EVTM (PA-EVTM) in Denver, Colorado, USA
    Providing a dynamic forum with provocative interactive discussions and debates with leaders in this evolving field that is easily accessible to those in North, Central and South America. 
    More info under Symposium
  • 19-23 of November, 2019: VEITH Symposium, New York, USA
    New developments from an international collaboration on endovascular techniques for resuscitation and trauma management: The EVTM Group: What Is It And How Is It Helping Society, Patients And Doctors. REBOA, vascular trauma, Endo and hybrid- during the Veith sympsoium
  • 4-7 of December, 2019: ICI meeting, Israel
  • 6-7 of January, 2020: Paris REBOA Workshop
  • Caricoa Vascular meeting, Rio De Jainero, Mars 2020
  • 2-4 of April, 2020: EVTM session at the 8th Pan-Pacific Trauma Congress (PPTC), Busan, South Korea
    The EVTM Concept will be presented as well as conducting a hands-on EVTM/REBOA workshop
  • AUgust 2020- Sri Lanka surgical association meeting


Recent workshops performed in:  

  • France
  • Denmark,
  • Israel
  • Brasil
  • Thailand
  • South Korea

Ongoing studies – open to join:

E-mail: tal.horer@regionorebrolan.se

  1. ABOTrauma Registry (REBOA in trauma) – With retrospective and prospective registration. Real world open collaboration. Several publications pending.
  2. REBOAGYN Registry will start soon.  REBOA for PPH (Fox et al.)
  3. Military cooperation on EVTM issues (Military only) (Honecamp et al.)
  4. Pre-hospital civilian cooperation on EVTM/REBOA (Quasim et al.)
  5. REBOA in non-trauma (Canon et al.)
  6. Aorta blunt injury study (DuBose et al.) – Aortic foundation
  7. Implemenation of EVTM in clinical praxis (Vandenburg et al.; Hörer et al.)

EVTM issues has been presented also at several congresses and meetings in the upcoming months.

  • Norwegian Vascular annual meeting
  • Dutch Vascular annual meeting
  • Danish Military Society annual meeting


The EVTM App, including the new REBOA Timer, has been released for both Android and iPhone users. An alternative platform for communicating upcoming events, read JEVTM articles and Top Stent, listen to Podcasts, Tips & Tricks, Photos & Videos and discuss EVTM related issues with others through Open Forum.