The EVTM / ESVS Webinar

Over 500 registered participants from all around the world took part in this webinar on the use of REBOA in hemodynamically unstable patients. What a great collaboration! next workshop will be a part of the ESVS month and will be on Vascular Trauma.


Working now on a two hours webinar with the moto of “Trauma meets Vascular and IR” unde the VEITH EVTM platform. Details soon.




The EVTM Textbook


This book focuses on endovascular methods for resuscitation and trauma management. Written by highly qualified and clinically active physicians from around the world, it shares information gathered over the past decade, providing a comprehensive database of clinical knowledge for a wide range of practicing clinicians and researchers.
It describes basic methods for vascular access, methods for REBOA, endo-grafts and embolization, as well as other, more advanced methods for endovascular and hybrid resuscitation (CPR REBOA, ECMO etc.) from the pre-hospital to the post-surgical phase. As the body

of literature in this field has grown considerably over the past five years, the book also focuses on summarizing what is known, what the clinical and research evidence is, and “how to actually use” the various methods. It will help readers understand basic and advanced modern techniques for bleeding control and modern resuscitation, and how to apply them in clinical practice.

Get your copy now, click on the image!   

 Planned events

Some events have been changed, will be updated. TBA

Now starting working on the EVTM 21 symposium program. As always, multidisciplinary, both trauma and non-trauma resuscitation and bleeding control, endo and hybrid aspects. A great program, great discussion and a great platform for product innovation.

Recent workshops performed in:  

  • France
  • Denmark
  • Israel
  • Brasil
  • Thailand
  • South Korea

Ongoing studies – open to join:

E-mail: tal.horer@regionorebrolan.se

  1. ABOTrauma Registry (REBOA in trauma) – With retrospective and prospective registration. Real world open collaboration. Several publications pending.
  2. REBOAGYN Registry will start soon. REBOA for PPH (Fox et al.)
  3. Military cooperation on EVTM issues (Military only) (Honecamp et al.)
  4. Pre-hospital civilian cooperation on EVTM/REBOA (Quasim et al.)
  5. REBOA in non-trauma (Canon et al.)
  6. Aorta blunt injury study (DuBose et al.) – Aortic foundation
  7. Implemenation of EVTM in clinical praxis (Vandenburg et al.; Hörer et al.)
  8. ECMO in trauma by ESOL
  9. Huge AAA treatments and results

and many more

EVTM issues has been presented also at several congresses and will be presented in meetings in the upcoming months (TBA due to current Covid19 situation).



The EVTM App, including the new REBOA Timer, has been released for both Android and iPhone users. An alternative platform for communicating upcoming events, read JEVTM articles and Top Stent, listen to Podcasts, Tips & Tricks, Photos & Videos and discuss EVTM related issues with others through Open Forum.