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The EVTM Society is a medical-professional organization that aims to share information on advanced methods for bleeding control, endovascular resuscitation, exchange of data, and professional cooperation and education.

The Society is registered in Sweden and follows Swedish law as well as EU guidelines and rules. The first objective is to gather a group that will lead the first formation of the international board (Council) and continue its further development.

The following is the suggested structure of regional directors, with every region having a separate regional board. Within each regional board, specific countries can be represented and directors can be re-elected. We aim to create additional committees, for example an “education/resident committee”, once the Council is formed. We also want to involve younger colleagues and more female colleagues. The work will be as multidisciplinary as possible. We do not want to exclude anyone, but aim to get good people to join! More are welcome to join within the regions and countries, but the first Council has to be limited in the number of members.

The main task of the council is to pave the way for the EVTM venture through promoting the JEVTM/EVTM symposium, EVTM-related activities, cooperation, free exchange of information and high quality research. We aim for a new, modern, friendly and egalitarian society that will foster good cooperation and research. The board membership will change every TWO years. The board will define the targets, committees and sub-committees, help plan future meetings and the formation of guidelines, as defined at the initial meeting during #EVTM2018.


Chair (Two years): Tal Hörer

Suggested regional directors and deputy directors:

North America: Charles Fox (US), Deputy directors Joe DuBose (Secretary general) and Ernest E Moore
Europe: Viktor Reva (RU), Deputy directors Lauri Handolin, Thomas Vogl
Asia: Yosuke Matsumura (JP), Deputy directors: Tongporn Wannatoop and Sung Wook Chang
Middle-East: Simone Fajer (IL), Deputy directors Ofer Merin and Miklosh Bala
Africa: Frank Plani (ZA), Deputy directors George Oosthuizen, Shas Cacala
South America: Joao Sahagoff (BR), Deputy directors Milton Steinman

Swedish local EVTM society: Artai Pirouzram (treasurer), Kristofer Nilsson, David McGreevy (Resident committee), Per Skoog (second treasurer), Göran Wallin, Thomas Larzon and Rickard Lindgren.

Educational committee directors: Boris Kessel, Megan Brenner and Rigo Honnecamp

Honorary director: Todd Rasmussen

Administration: EVTM office, Örebro University Hospital, Sweden, Mrs Åsa Strandberg –

EVTM symposium administration: Malmö Congress Office; Mrs. Johanna Søger –
Auditor and financial control: TBA

Generel Guidelines:

EVTM society main 2071212 to jevtm web TH

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