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Sheath in place

Access complications

Trauma subcl bleeding CT

CPR REBOA access

pREBOA during rAAA

CPR REBOA training

Transfer REBOA

(no title)

Ready for REBOA

EVTM workshop sept2017



EVTM round tables 2018

MR photo. iREBOA druing delivery

Severe bleeding. iREBOA used during post partum hemmorg. control. DIffused bleeding. 7Fr ER-REBOA used with no complications. Angioseal for access control.

ER-REBOA Catheter demonstration video

The ER-REBOA ™ Catheter is designed by trauma and vascular surgeons. For more information:

EVTM workshop Sept 2016


TEVAR in blunt transection


Femoral Sheath in trauma


EVTM concept- Vascular femoral access while intubating…

Access while preparing hybrid procedure trauma TH

Angio hybrid hals 2016 TH

Angiography after intubation, open removal of penetrating object.

REBOA Overview poster

REBOA (Resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta) or ABO (Aortic Balloon Occlusion) is a key technique in the bridging solution to arrest hemorrhage.

The EVTM team has in cooperation with partner Mentice developed a poster describing the main features of the REBOA Technique. Key points are gaining arterial access, fixing the wire and position the balloon, but there are of course a lot more to consider.

See the poster below.
Download as pdf (A4 sheet)
Download as pdf (A3 sheet)


Partial REBOA hybrid procedure


EVTM REBOA Clamshell 20160415  TH

pREBOA and iREBOA during hybrid EVTM blunt trauma

(no title)


EVTM GSW liver and CNS

Unid GSW EVTMGSW liver with introducer femoral a

EVTM hybrid GSW liver CNS

Completion angio stab stent graft

studyslutangio (videofile 2 mb)

Knife removal with stentgraft placement

This is a great successful case done in Jönköping hopistal, Sweden by our colleagues. It is a great example of the EVTM concept.

Courtesy of Manne Andersson, Håkan Åstrand , Werner Puskar

studyknivut (videofile 24 mb)

REBOA London

ABO Zone I deflated CT

ABO deflated zone I

ABO deflated zone I on CT

ABO zone I Trauma deflated

Gluteal ischemia

Embolisation of internal iliac artery can (rarely in healthy individuals) cause ischemia to the gluteal region as seen here (non trauma case)

non trauma gluteal ischemia; iliac em

non trauma gluteal ischemia; iliac embolisation;rAAA

Video: REBOA, by Prof Brohi, London

In part of this great lecture you can see the usage of ABO/REBOA in a trauma patient.

Post-ABO TRAUMA dissection


M_DT ANGIO_20150803_Post ABO akut blödning. dissektion

Femoral introducer in trauma


Penetrating wounds. Introducer in the Rt femoral artery

C-arm stand-by in a trauma case

Trauma case with C arm standby

Multiple knife wounds. The patient is on angio table. Not used in this case. Diaphragm injury.

Femoral access in a bleeding patient


Non trauma case. Done in the surgical suite. Blind puncture. 5 Fr intorducer, used later on for angiography

Access trauma


Angio table trauma


Trauma CT transfer

CT angio Trauma

Femoral access

Femoral access

Femoral access

This is fluroscopy guided puncture. It is a semi blind method for femoral access. Fast and effective, especialy in the bleeding patient.

Upside-down ABO

Up Side down ABO JPEG

Upside-down ABO in Zone I illustrating disclocation (in a pig model). We have a clinical case with Zone III disclocations. To be published separately.



C arm in surgical suite

C arm in surgical suite

Puncture bilateral

puncture bilateral

Subclav sgraft 4


A simple way to take out a sbuclavian artery catheter with minimal invasvive method. This can (and has been) used for subclavian bleeding.
Access via R brachial artery (6Fr). Advanta or other stentgraft with minimal oversizing. Angiography via introducer. We used this method in several trauma cases. Fast and effective with no need for thoracotomy but might need hematoma evacuation.


Subclav 1


Ongoing extravasation from the subclavian artery on anfiogram. PTA balloon can control the bleeding from the brachial artery or from a femoral access. THan to be considered if to do open surgery or stentgraft or hybrid (combined).