Top Stent

The first and only REBOA manual with much more on EVTM techniques! 

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The Top Stent project is a multidisciplinary work manual for EVTM. 28 experts from around the world give tips and tricks for EVTM and REBOA. Top Stent is a non-profit project.

The manual was released during the EVTM 2017 Symposium and is now distributed in a limited edition and for a production cost of a total of 302 SEK with addition to delivery by post. This is a non-profit project and the money will be used to cover the production cost. The manual is now available at

If interested, send an e-mail to: and state: number of books, adress of shipment and adress for invoice.
As said, this is a non-profit venture.

You can download excerpts here:
Top Stent pages 1-65.pdf
Top Stent pages 77-99.pdf

Some of the issues raised in the manual:

  • Vascular Access, Tips and Tricks
  • Endovascular resuscitation
  • Materials and Techniques – What to Use and When
  • ABO/REBOA, pREBOA, iREBOA and more
  • Pre-Hospital REBOA and military aspects
  • Basic Endovascular and Hybrid Techniques
  • Basic Embolization Techniques
  • Multidisciplinary Teamwork
  • Organ-by-Organ, the Possibilities
  • Complications and Pitfalls
  • How to think EVTM: How to Perform EVTM in the Field/Emergency Room

ABO/REBOA animation film has been added to the photo section.