EVTM Workshop

The next EVTM workshop will be 7-8 September 2017
Registration via taina.palsson@regionorebrolan.se 

Notice: The next workshop is completely full (28 doctors). As usual, very experienced people are taking part in this workshop. Very exciting!

The biannual EVTM Workshops are a great opportunity to learn about the latest developments and practice hands on techniques on live tissue.

Program for the EVTM Workshop 7-8 september 2017 (pdf)

The participants are usually very experience physicians with trauma interest (trauma, general, vascular, interventional radiology and ICU), but the workshop is individually tailored to the level of the participants. It is built to create discussions and cooperation for mutual learning.

We will spend some time on basic Technics, substantial time on REBOA and basic embolization and extra time on advanced and super advanced methods for hybrid bleeding control.

Some new issues as partial REBOA or “Permissive REBOA” will be practiced on live tissue with on–line monitoring, bleeding control in-vivo and more. We will also train intermitted REBOA (iREBOA) and Total REBOA (tREBOA) as well as consider pre-hospital REBOA issues and ICU aspects.

The workshops is constructed to fit individual level and interest, from basic to super advanced methods. At the end of the workshop, participants are expected to have enough basic training in REBOA and other EVTM techniques to take them into trauma practice, with the limitations of country/region etc. REBOA is now performed in several centers in the world after basic training in this workshop.

We would like to thank our friends from the industry for their generous support!

Want to build an EVTM program / REBOA program in your hospital? We can help you establish it. Contact us for more details!

Responsibility declaration:
This unique platform brings state of the art trauma/bleeding control practice as known from daily practice and literature by top experts. We strictly follow the Swedish and European medical and governmental guidelines and laws. The EVTM faculty and the dept. of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery as well as dept. of Surgery at Örebro University Hospital takes no responsibility for the implementation of this knowledge, it is the sole responsibility of the participants.

EVTM WORKSHOPS – biannually since 2014

Thank you all who has made these workshops so great; the participants, the staff and our partners from the industry!